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We are ProDoor

At ProDoor and Security we have been servicing Northeast Ohio, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, since 1929. We provide excellent quality commercial doors, repairs, and installation to custom fit your needs. Our in house fabricators work to make custom solutions for any project to deliver the highest quality work directly to you.  Our technicians are certified by AAADM, IDEA, DHI-FDAI, and Intertek. After being in business for almost 10 decades it is no accident that ProDoor and Security is synonymous with professionalism and excellence. 

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Our History

Formerly Fred J. Crisp

In 1873 brothers George and John Crisp of England came to Hudson, Ohio and established a prominent reputation as general contractors. George's sons, Fred J. Crisp and Raymond G. Crisp learned the trade by working with their father. As time progressed the field demanded specialization. In 1929 Fred J. Crisp Inc. was founded with brothers Fred and Ray Crisp as President and Vice President. Since then the company has focused on openings, doors, windows, and the hardware related to them. In 2014 Fred J. Crisp Inc. officially changed its name to ProDoor and Security Inc., since it had been decades since any Crisp had been involved in the business. Since 1929 we have upheld the highest standard in our industry and continue to do so to this day. 

Who Leads Us

President Jim Breen and Vice President Joe Breen lead ProDoor and Security. Under their leadership ProDoor and Security has flourished.

Where We Are

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