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    Steel Rolling Service & Fire Doors



    We have been a premier installer and service provider of coiling type doors since 1929. Our business is focused on the Commercial and Heavy Industrial markets and thus we have installed massive sized doors that required two 10,000lb lift trucks to simultaneously hoist doors into position as well as doors so large a crane was required for the installation. We have the most qualified service technicians in the area because this is what they do every day. Our technicians are not used to working on 16’ x 7’ residential doors they are used to working on large commercial doors. We have over one thousand stock replacement door slats and end-locks in stock at all times so we can fix your door fast. Most of our competitors will have to order your replacement parts and then charge LTL freight to each order. We purchase a truckload to make sure that our parts are available as well as economical for our customers repair needs.


    The Ohio Fire Code mandates that each and every fire door is in operable condition and that it is tested each year. Our technicians are certified by IDEA (Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) to perform fire door inspections. These codes have changed significantly over the past ten years and compliance of older doors is only somewhat covered by the so called ‘Grandfather’ clause. Contact us today to schedule your fire door testing and inspections.


    Not all fire door technicians are created equal. Be confident your doors will operate by using the area’s most respected fire door service company. Call today! 330-785-9500.