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    Industrial High Speed & Specialty Doors



    This page is dedicated to high performance products that ultimately reduce service needs and increase the efficiency of your operations.


    Over the years we have seen customers struggle with damage to doors by equipment and operators. We have performed cost evaluations of openings and often find that these products will in fact pay for themselves much faster than expected when one considers repair costs, energy savings and the cost of any down time suffered from loss of use of the opening.


    Our personal favorite is the TNR Industrial Door. We mention this door because it is the highest quality most durable coiling door available. The TNR door is a coiling rubber door with an extremely thick and durable reinforced rubber curtain. These doors are available in massive sizes and there are varying options of speed and motor controls. In general if you simply want a brute of a door that just works no matter what, this is your door. While other specialty door manufacturers have questionable sales practices and terrible customer service, TNR has been a wonderful partner providing great customer service before and after the sale.


    Many other products not shown are available. Please contact us for a field consultation to determine the proper product for your application.