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    Custom Doors and Controls



    We have a very open mind when it comes to finding solutions.


    Simply put, we listen to what the customer needs, and think within means of their budget and then build components and controls to achieve the goals of the project.


    How can we do this efficiently? Well, we have a full time fabrication shop for modifying fire rated doors and frames. The equipment in our shop allows us to efficiently cut, shape, route, stamp, shear or bend most metals. Our fabricators and welders have become accustomed to unique requests and do a fantastic job. Some examples of custom projects we have fabricated are listed below and in our slideshow above.


    • Fabricate & Install Large Sliding Industrial Doors

    • Custom Bullet Resistant Doors

    • Fabricate Extremely Large Hinges

    • Fabricate and install motor operated fall protection guard rails.

    • Fabricate and install full vertical slab doors.

    • Sensor monitoring and activation for safety and full traffic automation.

    • Build and program custom PLC controllers to tie in door and conveyor automation