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    Automatic Sliding and Swinging Doors



    We supply, service and install all types of automatic doors. Our technicians are factory trained and certified by DitecEntrematic (an AssaAbloy Company) and AAADM trained and certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.


    Our technicians routinely integrate automatic operators on fire rated doors with electric latching security hardware and will verify that none of the work we do will damage any fire ratings or life safety codes. Most of our competitors in the automatic door field are only automatic door companies and they usually lack the knowledge of traditional fire rated doors and hardware. An improper selection of mag-locks or latching hardware can be costly as it may ultimately require replacement of the doors and frame if holes and cutouts are put into the door and frame for the wrong types of hardware.


    We have full size samples in our showroom for your convenience ability to preview the operation and features for your project.


    Please schedule an appointment before visiting our showroom for the best customer service on automatic doors.