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    Access Control Systems



    We provide and install access control systems to help secure and monitor access to your facility. We offer many different systems with proximity card access, biometrics, keypads and physical key credentials. With today’s software there is a wide range of products and price points to meet the demands of your project. Software programs range from stand-alone single door kits to fully hardwired or wireless systems accessible from anywhere via a web interface and/or smart phone applications. Some systems will integrate with camera monitoring software to provide a seamless security package.


    Coordination of Security, Life Safety, Fire Protection and Accessibility Code Compliance
    One of the most important and most difficult aspects of designing an access control system is that the door, frame and hardware must maintain its integrity as to life safety, fire protection and accessibility codes. This means that often the most economical choice of mag-locks and most conventional electric strikes cannot legally be used. It has been our experience that most security type companies have little understanding or regard to these codes and typically will simply install the most economical products that they are familiar with. They often unintentionally do significant damage to fire rated assemblies. In some cases we have seen the cost to repair damage exceed the price of the original security project. Even worse we have seen products installed that block the occupant’s ability to evacuate a building in an emergency. We cannot stress enough, the importance that when installing an access control system the work at the door should be performed by, or at very least guided by a knowledgeable door and hardware consultant. If you are pleased with or under contract with an existing security contractor we will work as a group to help provide and install the appropriate hardware at the door. This will help you as the end user to ensure proper material selection, installation and compliance with all codes.


    Remember that if installing access control, key control is extremely important since a physical key will simply allow a person to bypass all of the audit features of the system. We highly recommend using our Medeco X4 restricted key system to solidify the security of your access control system.


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